Webfactory samples

Guinness sites

Guinness sites
Multiple branded sites including advertising campaigns, sponsorships, events, promotions and items for 'distraction'

Bank of Ireland sites

Bank of Ireland
Designs for the bank's early Web forays including corporate site, Group Treasury, Banking365, Asset Management

ESB site

Electricity Supply Board
Winner of the Golden Spider 1997 for Best Overall Site

Miscellaneous sites 1

Miscellaneous sites
Kindle Banking Systems, Giltedge Ties, Molloys Liquor Stores, Fusion Systems

Miscellaneous sites 2

More miscellaneous sites
EMI Classics, EU Community Structural Funding in Ireland Information Service, Amnesty International Irish Section, Budget Travel

Miscellaneous sites 3

Even more miscellaneous sites
The Commonwealth, Commonwealth Heads of Government Metting 1997, Webfactory

very old sites

Very old sites
McGarry Ski and French System, The Green Pages, Screen Scene, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, WBT Systems, Will Search Ireland